Porch Windows and Fall Protection

If your porch is more than 30" off the ground, building code dictates that some type of fall protection needs to be implemented.

There are quite a few options available for this, below we show our most popular methods.  Always consult your local building official as interpretations can vary by municipality.

When it comes to safety, functionality, and style, you have options with Xtend Porch Windows. 

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Without Railing

For a porch that is less than 30" off the ground, you can have Xtend Porch Windows from floor to ceiling without any type of guard rails or fall protection. The sliding panels can collapse down to the floor or be pushed up to the ceiling.

This style allows for 75% screen ventilation and the most open views.


Fixed Glass


Xtend Porch Windows can be installed with a fixed panel of tempered glass in the bottom 36" to provide for fall protection. The tempered glass panels do not open and the sliding window panels do not drop down below the 36" height. This results in some loss of ventilation but does give a great look and open feeling.

When the view into your backyard is important, this is the most popular method. The tempered glass panels are manufactured with the same aluminum frames as the operable windows and carry the same lifetime warranty.


Frameless Glass


Instead of a traditional railing, we can use a piece of frameless glass inside of the full-height Xtend Porch Windows. Because it does not have the aluminum top rail, the tempered glass needs to be 3/8" thick for strength. The window panels drop down behind the glass like other railing options but there is no top rail or framing to block your view. 

Landmark glass panels

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