Top Benefits of Replacing Porch Windows with Vinyl

Sep 12, 2022

Consider Vinyl Porch Windows

Windows are a very important feature in every home – but certain windows are better than others. If you need a window replacement or you’re building a new home and considering your window options, vinyl windows are a great way to go. Vinyl windows are specifically good for auxiliary living spaces such as an enclosed porch, gazebo, or lanai.

Many people do not know that vinyl windows have an interesting history. They were first introduced in Germany in 1954 due to wood shortages and increased aluminum prices. Their popularity rose dramatically over the next 20 years as their energy-saving benefits became more and more apparent. In the present modern day, vinyl is the second most-produced plastic worldwide and it’s the most-used material in building projects.

And despite being one of the most popular window materials on the market, many homeowners are still hesitant to install them. To help you with the decision-making process, here are a few benefits you can expect from vinyl windows – especially for your porch windows.

Memory vinyl windows porch conversion project

Memory vinyl windows porch conversion project

Benefits of vinyl windows

Vinyl windows have frames made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is a common building material used in pipes, flooring, and now in windows. Because it is a polymer, each manufacturer uses unique ingredients to make the material stronger and more resistant to UV rays.  Porch Windows Direct’s EzVue Memory Vinyl Windows protect you and your furnishings from 98% of the sun’s damaging rays.

Here’s our additional list of 10 benefits to vinyl windows.

Weather resistant

Vinyl is heat, water, and UV resistant. The material will not rot, mold, or warp because of the weather. This is especially important in an area like Redmond, WA that is exposed to prolonged periods of rain and moisture.  We’re already sold… are you?

Energy efficiency

Efficiency and heat transfer are commonly known problems for many older windows. Vinyl has excellent insulation, preventing heat from entering or escaping your home.


The weather resistance makes these windows durable as well. They can last as long as twenty years or more, which makes vinyl a pretty good investment.


Vinyl is a great insulator, and not just for heat. It also helps dampen outside noise so your home is quieter. The difference can be significant and really improve the tranquility of your space. If quiet time out back with a good book and some hot tea is what makes you happy, then consider EzVue memory vinyl porch windows.

Color options

When it comes to colors and vinyl windows, this is where your one ‘con’ may be. Color choices are limited. That said, there are still plenty to choose from. Porch Windows Direct offers EzVue custom-built windows in 5 colors – white, tan, clay, bronze, and black.  And because the material doesn’t have a finish, if it scratches it will be hardly noticeable because it is the same color all the way through.

Easy maintenance

To clean vinyl window frames all you need is mild detergent and water. The color will not scratch, chip, or fade. And you will never have to sand and repaint the finish on vinyl windows.  Your long-term investment from a time and physical work standpoint is as low as it gets. Are you sold now?


Vinyl windows are some of the most affordable products on the market. The material is easy to produce and manipulate. That said, the price also depends on the size, style, and upgrades you choose for your replacement windows. So a double win financially long term – more affordable to install. Easier to take care of long term.

Quick Install

Another thing that makes these windows more affordable is the installation process. Because the material is light and versatile it makes the installation process a little smoother and easier for crews. Vinyl windows are also a little more forgiving.  In fact, our EzVue memory vinyl windows from Porch Conversions are so forgiving a grown man can bounce on them and they’ll reform their shape. Kids and pets can run into them or have accidents with broom handles or sharp objects. No problem.

FlexiGlaze Memory vinyl

Memory Vinyl Windows ‘give’ when needed and flex back into perfect shape.


Love to save the planet and be green-minded? Vinyl windows are from a manmade material that is recyclable, a bonus if you are looking for a more eco-friendly option.

Home value helper

Perspective home buyers pay close attention to windows. And getting replacement windows before you sell your home is one of the best investments you can make, giving you one of the best returns. No one wants to replace windows or deal with drafty, inefficient windows. Watch while people touch them and ask questions about them!

Are Vinyl Windows Better than Wood?

Wood is another common material used for windows. While wood also has its benefits, vinyl windows still outrank wood windows financially. Wood windows might have the best longevity rate and are visually appealing, but vinyl windows are superior because they’re more budget-friendly when it comes to material and installation. Vinyl windows are easy to install for those who are skilled in do-it-yourself projects. Again, they are also low maintenance and they have a larger return on investment. Wood windows need to be replaced if they’re damaged by weather. They also need to be painted and stained regularly and are pretty expensive.

What about aluminum?

Another popular material used for windows is aluminum. Aluminum windows and vinyl windows have a few of the same benefits: they’re both durable and they both fit a wide variety of styles because they come in different colors and finishes. Vinyl windows differentiate themselves as a better choice, however, when you consider maintenance, cost, energy efficiency, and installation.

Aluminum windows are prone to condensation, so they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent mold and rust. It’s also a heat conductor, which can cause your home to warm up quickly and make it harder to keep cool — something most of us try to avoid! Aluminum windows tend to be far more expensive than vinyl, too, costing at least 33% more.

Need More Help?

A consultation/quote is always free. We can help you decide what windows are best for you. We can also help with measuring your space if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Contact Porch Windows Direct to get your project going.


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