EzVue Rectangle Fixed Panel Memory Vinyl Window


Aluminum Picture Sash – min 6” x 6”, max 60” x 96”.  If you require measurements that do not fit within these parameters, call us to discuss your options.

Rectangle or trapezoid fixed windows made to opening size.  Sash insert made using lip frame extrusion.

Enter the window width in inches
Enter the window height in inches
White +
Tan +
Clay +
Bronze +
Black +
Clear +
Light Gray +
Dark Gray +
Bronze +
Tip to Tip would be Exact Frame Size not including fin with no deductions
  • Total: $0.00


Versatile, Strong, Custom-Made

  • Lightweight panels are easy to use
  • More affordable and safer than glass
  • Vinyl panels filter 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Powder-coated frames for lasting beauty
  • Custom-made to fit your porch
  • Custom colors to match your porch
  • Color-matched screws included.
  • No glass allows the floor to ceiling application
  • Yes, they come with screens!
  • Shipped complete with installation instructions, installation screws, and even a Free Vinyl Cleaning Kit!

Manufactured by Porch Conversions™

Additional information

Size Limits

• For FlexiGlaze Vinyl: min 6” x 6”, max 52” x 96”.
• For Glass: min 12” x 12”, max 42” x 96”.
• For Trapezoids: min-width 12”, max width 72”, min leg height 6”, max short leg height is 34”, max tall leg height 54”.
• For Glass: max of 20 sf. (includes traps, measured width x tall leg height).
NOTE: To join a Lip Frame above or below a Window, add $62 per 2×2 Mull and deduct the 2” in the overall height calculations. The two windows will be ordered separately. Clearly note if this is the case.


• Provide the smallest daylight opening sizes for each opening, both height, and width, by measuring in at least two places.
• Standard deductions from the rough opening is 1/4” height and width.
• Be sure there is room for the 7/8” mounting fin at corners, mullions*, floor, and ceiling.

NOTE: Deduct for Mullions where needed. Mullions (2×2) SRF 22 extrusions can be used with (1×2 Expander) SRE-12 to level floors or walls- combined deduction of 2 1/4”. Clearly note on Order Form.


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