Reasons To Upgrade Your Porch With Vinyl Windows

Apr 11, 2022

Its Time To Upgrade Your Porch Living Situation

Memory vinyl windows are the way to go

Replacing your windows comes with many decisions, one being which type of material you want to use for your window frames. Using vinyl for your windows has many benefits and at Porch Windows Direct, we offer a variety of customizations for your vinyl windows. But first, you may be asking “why Porch Windows Direct”? Let’s answer that basic question first.

Why Porch Windows Direct?

Experience. When placing your order for your porch windows or outdoor living conversion project, you will have some questions and concerns about the process. It requires measuring and some math. Your order is custom made for your porch or home project, refunds are not an option once your order is underway. How will you know you’ve ordered the right product, the right color, or the right size? Simple- experience. Porch Windows Direct has 30 years of experience working with vinyl windows directly from our manufacturer. Your custom porch windows are manufactured by Porch Conversions. They are made in the USA in some of America’s top furniture manufacturing markets, such as North Carolina. Having worked with Porch Conversions on the sales side for years, our official distributorship relationship has offered us knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else.

AUTHORIZED DEALER. Porch Conversions by Livingspace Sunrooms


  1. We know the Memory vinyl windows and doors products inside and out
  2. We are skillfully versed in the measuring techniques
  3. We have helped thousands of customers with the right selections for their home project
  4. We offer help over the phone to get your measurements and order put together.
  5. We can manually prepare your order and invoice you. You don’t have to submit your order on our website.

Free Quotes. Personalized Service.

Call us. Period. Yes, you can order vinyl porch windows online but given the number of questions that our customers generally have about measuring and ordering these products you may want more personalized service. We speak without customers every single day on the phone and help them with their very specific questions about their unique home projects. You might also have questions about the products themselves such as:

Do your windows come with screens?

Heck yes! But you can order them without screens if you prefer.

What’s the difference between Vinyl Windows screen fabrics?

The Standard screen is great for letting in a cool breeze and keeping out the critters.  The Premium screen is Rip resistant with No-See-Um protection, but just as breezy.

How do I order windows that are larger than your standard available sizes?

Divide the window opening equally into half or thirds and order either 1 or 2 mull kits.

Do Twin Units (TW) and Triple Units (TR) come pre-assembled?

No. They are field mulled.  See “How do I order windows that are larger than your standard sizes available”, above.

These are just examples. We’ve tried to address the most common customer questions when it comes to your custom-made vinyl windows by providing a great resource on the Porch Windows Direct Facts & Questions page. When it comes to measuring, Livingspace Sunrooms provides great youtube videos on how to measure your windows for your porch window order. You can view these videos and learn how to install your new memory vinyl windows products at our Measuring & Installation page.
Measuring Your Window Openings

Benefits of Replacement Vinyl Windows

Energy Efficiency

The weather in the midwest, on the east coast, or even on the west coast can leave your thermostat constantly trying to keep up. This can create uncomfortable temperatures in your home. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones can keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round by reflecting heat into your home during the winter and outside during the summer. In addition, vinyl window frames are made of plastics that provide natural insulation. When installing new windows, you’ll also replace window seals which can help eliminate drafts and help your home maintain its interior temperatures. As a by-product, you’ll enjoy lowering your energy bill, specifically in the hot summers.


Vinyl windows are an excellent option for any home style as they can be made in versatile ways, custom-made to your specifications. In our experience, most people are installing them into their porch expansion projects, their deck, patio, or other extended outdoor living space. You can transform any porch into a 3 1/2 season sunroom with Porch Windows Direct.

Vinyl Windows are Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows are also a low-maintenance option. Our vinyl windows have a fade-resistant vinyl formula. They won’t need to be repainted, stained, or refinished due to their unique formula and durable features. You’ll literally have them a very long time. And the memory vinyl technology can withstand some of the toughest household challenges, such as kids, pets, and other objects that bump or press into your windows. These windows won’t break! Are you interested in how durable memory vinyl is? Just watch the demonstration below.

UV Protection

Yes, Porch Windows Direct’s vinyl windows product offers UV protection. Memory vinyl protects you and your furnishings from 98% of the sun’s damaging rays. This has several benefits in your sunroom or porch conversion project where the sunlight is coming through the windows all day long. Protect your furniture, your flooring, and your health with vinyl windows by Porch Windows Direct.

With safe heating, you can enjoy your EZVue™ multi-season room in cooler months. These are lighter in weight, more affordable than glass, and are easy to use, remove, and clean. With EzVue™ Memory Vinyl Windows and Doors, you’ll enjoy summertime breezes without the insects, which open a full 75%.

Budget-Friendly Price Point

Vinyl windows are an affordable option, allowing you to find high-quality products within your budget. In addition, vinyl frames cost less than wood or fiberglass ones while still looking great and offering excellent performance. While Porch Windows Direct offers its EzVue Memory Vinyl Product at a competitive price in the market, you will find price disparities among distributors. At Porch Windows Direct, we’ve been working with Porch Conversions by Llivigspace Sunrooms for so long that we have the best pricing possible. Call us for help with your measurements and quote. We’ll take of you when choosing Porch Windows Direct.

Customer Projects

There is no better evidence than our existing customer projects. Just look at these porch conversions. The windows in these porch projects feature our EZVue memory vinyl windows, EzVue rectangle fixed panel windows, and EzVue trapezoid fixed panel vinyl windows, as well as our EzVue memory vinyl door. These window installations were completed at a fraction of the price of conventional glass windows.

Memory vinyl windows porch conversion project

Memory vinyl windows porch conversion project


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